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1010Data is one of the pioneers in the Big Data space, and have been gaining customers rapidly. They have some interesting technology in storing and delivering large datasets to end users.

Big Data, being a fairly new sector of the data warehousing/BI world, approaches for how to deal with the large amounts of often unstructured data tend to vary widely. Many organizations using an in-house DW team are using tools like Hadoop and Hive. These open source solutions work with cheaper hardware to scale rapidly. However, it still requires a good amount of IT involvement to manage the infrastructure, and manage the data model that needs to sit on top and provide a more structured semantic layer for more traditional BI reporting.

1010Data, not to be confused with TimesTen, the Oracle technology, has gone a different route. Their technology is provided to customers as a SaaS solution. They’ve also used a different type of data warehousing technology to manage the massive storehouses. Their analysts can go into more detail, but a high level differentiator is how data is treated within the environment. The tables holding more static records like store information and product types are stored differently than transactional type records like sales. This enables users to get high performance when looking at data even at a daily transaction level.

The data is able to be kept at a unstructured level and queried ad-hoc when needed using different tools. The Excel add-in is a popular common tool for the front end. The Trillion Cell Spreadsheet is a little misleading, since there’s no Excel version that can handle that, but it is accessible through its web browser. Besides the touted scalability and performance, one of their big selling points is the ability to easily share data externally. This could potentially be a nice income stream for financial companies or social media type data plays, to sell access to these reports on customer behavior or financial transactions. They have already signed up quite a few banks and food companies.

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