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Read on for more information about the types of business intelligence consulting help that's available. This is an aspect to consider for a BI implementation. Most organizations often don’t have internal resources for BI when they first purchase a business intelligence tool. We’ll explain what some of the options you have available for getting the help you need.

Most major BI vendors have their own consulting or services divisions to provide guidance and implementation of their tools. There are a few advantages to using the in-house team, however. The consultants will in most cases be trained and certified on the latest version using up to date internal education. There is a quicker line and connection to technical support and resources if needed. They are specialists in that particular tool.

The downside to using the vendor’s internal resources are that the consultants may not necessarily have industry expertise. They also tend to be more technical or tactical in nature rather than strategic. Also, in many cases these services come with a premium price, because of those extra training.

Another option to consider is a large system integrator. If your organization outsources IT or technical functions, that team may be able to help implement your BI products. The pros here are that this team will already be familiar with your infrastructure, systems, and politics. The potential cons are that, while many big integrators often have some BI practices, they may lack the overall expertise. Sometimes these consultants are quickly trained and may not have a lot of implementation experience under their belt.

Using a large consulting firm may be a consideration, especially if the project will be far-reaching and potentially touch many areas of IT infrastructure (data warehouse, internal portals, etc….). The Big Four are rapidly expanding their BI practices. The advantage of this approach is that these firms have expertise in the kind of large scale implementations a full BI and DW project can take. They also often have partners and resources with specific area and industry expertise. The downside is that they are often expensive…very expensive.

There are many boutique and niche BI consulting firms. The advantage here is that they may have specific industry expertise or skillsets, and they can also be cheaper than vendor provided resources and the Big Four. They often won’t be as tightly linked to support and may be overwhelmed on a larger implementation.

Yes, there are quite a few choices when it comes to business intelligence consulting. Feel free to contact us to get unbiased help and information on how to make the best decision for your organization.

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