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With IBM, because of their acquisitions over the past couple of years, have put together a big portfolio of products. BI, Planning, TM1, SPSS and other pieces all come together under one roof. It can be a challenge to integrate all of these things in a corporate environment. In addition, just a basic implementation can be tough to DIY.

IBM offers its own consultants for Cognos type work, but they will be pricy. In addition, they can be difficult for smaller or shorter term engagements. Looking at other consulting firms can often be a better option. Its important to understand that the skill sets between BI, Planning and TM1 can be somewhat different. Cognos 10.1 is more of a traditional BI tool, often with a datawarehouse and modeling element to it, as well as dashboarding and scorecarding. Planning and TM1 often fall more under the budgeting and forecasting arena, so it sometimes requires more knowledge of industry practices there. We understand these issues, and can help get you pointed and engaged with the right consultants for the technology, industry, and issue.

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