OBIEE is the enterprise level BI platform tool from Oracle. It stands for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, but its actually more of a suite of products. Currently this product is at version 11g, same as the flagship database.

This line has morphed somewhat over the past view years as a result of acquisitions and consolidations. For the most part though, the architecture has been built around a server centerpiece, with various BI components built off of the main core for calculation and data centralization. The full unified system is still a work in progress here. For the most part, it’s a modular system and functionality is somewhat parsed out to different areas. Here are some of the main components:

Server - The main architecture for backend support or reports and BI objects.

Delivers - This is the report alert and real-time monitoring tool.

Publisher – Used for report and BI distribution

Disconnected Analytics – It has a little bit of an unfortunate name. Disconnected certainly can have some negative connotations to it! This is actually the mobile infrastructure for BI consumers on the go.

Dashboards – Just like the name sounds, it’s the main visualization tool available.

Answers - The ad-hoc “playground” for query

Interestingly, there is also some Hyperion functionality built in, although it is not as focused on the financial end as that full suite is. They do included a Financial Reporting module that is geared more toward GAAP accounting reports and less of a day to day BI tool.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting - This is more of a do-it-yourself query tool, aimed toward executives or managers.

We have a full review available of the OBIEE suite, as well as other BI products and tools. We do a hands-on evaluation of the functionality and get deep into the software to give you the best information. Our review is not sponsored by Oracle or other vendors, so you know that it is unbiased.



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