Obiee jobs are a fast growing segment of the BI market, matching the overall growth of the industry. We’ll attempt to look at some of the overall trends with these jobs and look at skillsets and technologies in demand.

With the acquisition of Hyperion, Siebel, and TimesTen, Oracle is integrating its stack offering to be a one stop shopping source. Its powerful, popular database is a common choice for data warehousing, no different in the BI space. As a result, big technology implementers like the Big Four, Capgemini and others are pushing to increase their Oracle BI practice.

Many Oracle implementations have the OBIEE component bundled in with the database. 11g database expertise is definitely a good skill to have under your belt, especially with the nuances and tuning necessary to ensure good performance. Experience with Exadata, the data warehousing appliance, will also probably come in handy. Expect to see more of this bundling in the future.

While OBIEE and Hyperion often overlap on a project, the skillsets needed often are somewhat different. BI is more of a IT centric, while planning tools tend to get more attention in the CFO and budgeting offices. This is also true of financial reporting software. Hyperion jobs tend to require more accounting and financial savvy. Many times these roles are lumped in with ESSBase skills as well, as Hyperion and Essbase can be implemented together.

From a pure BI standpoint though, good data warehouse skills are important. OBIEE has several components for metadata modeling, report creation, and dashboards. Like many other BI jobs, employers often look for specific roles, such as architect, developer, and administrator. With Oracle, an administrator might wear a couple of different hats, from OBIEE to the database, especially if it is 11g. Architects will work more in the metadata repository, and developers may be focused on reports, or dashboards or visualizations.

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