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Business intelligence training is a key aspect of a successful BI implementation. An impressive system is only as good as the people who use it, so education and knowledge is key to understanding the tools.

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Training can usually be provided in a few different ways:

Live: Most of the major companies offer education courses that can be delivered through local offices, through headquarters, or at the site of the implementation. Usually an implementation needs to be a certain size before trainers will come to a customer’s site, but most will do it. This is generally effective but can be costly.

Web-based: Most vendors now also offer their coursework through internet based classes that use a virtual classroom. These normally offer the same curriculum as the live classes, but can be accessed anywhere you have a computer.

Self-study: Manuals, tutorials, and support areas for all of the major BI companies are available through official websites. While this offers the most flexibility, they are often difficult to manage without official vendor training along with it.

Conferences: Some vendor meetings and events have classes associated with them. Its a good way to get continuing education and network at the same time.

Blogs: A good way to read up on trends and get technical tips from the field.


In addition to training, many vendors offer certification, usually in the form of tests, for various areas of their BI software. This can help ensure that users meet the standards met by the companies’ own trainers and consultants. Employees will be sure to pay attention in the classes if they know there is an exam afterwards!


With some software, 3rd party consultants may also be authorized to deliver training. These will often be the same curriculum that the main vendor would deliver.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get training from the same consultant or BI implementation team that did the installation and initial consulting. They will be more knowledgeable about your system and be able to work the training topics into the existing BI infrastructure so it can seem more relevant to the trainees. One problem with “canned” training is that they are often going against tutorial or training data and infrastructures, which doesn’t necessarily match what an organizations BI implementation looks like.

Even after the initial business intelligence training has been done, it’s important to implement continuing education. New users move into the company, and new versions mean new features and methodology. Getting users up to speed on changes will often result in increased efficiencies.

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