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We’ve put together a business intelligence blog list, including the most respected and mentioned names in the industry. There are a lot of websites dedicated to BI, but many fall out of use or are just plain inaccurate, so we try to list the most often cited authorities here. Company blogs can be good sources of information as well, but one needs to be aware of “marketing speak” and understand some of the company bias. For that reason, we are limiting it to independent BI author blogs for the meantime. We are on the lookout for new blogs as well, so if you have a good established website, we’d love to hear from you!

Perceptual Edge - Stephen Few has a great website on visualization and dashboard design.

Bi Scorecard Blog – Cindi Howson has been reviewing BI for many years, and is generally seen as an expert with Business Objects, having written several books on the subject.

Howard Dresner - A former analyst, Mr. Dresner has gone independent and offers a comprehensive review. His website newsletter requires a subscription.

Chris Webb’s BI Blog – Chris Webb is a big authority with Microsoft business intelligence, including SQL server, SSAS, SSRS, and related technologies.

QlikView Maven – A little bit technical, but has a lot of tips and tricks for Qlikview. - Cognos Commentary is a oft updated IBM BI source, that often pulls good information from the web to get best practices.

Applied Dimensionality – More geared toward IBM Financials and TM1 type work, but still good.

RittmanMead – Although they are a partner, they have some good information on Oracle BI.

Bryan Brandow – He is a fanatic MSTR user on the customer side. Good reading on BI from a customer viewpoint, and also some good technical ideas as well.

MicrostrategyBlog – Yes, that is the name of it so you definitely know what you’re getting! A bit technical, but some good tips and tricks as well.

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