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With so many options available, BI reviews can help you get the full overview of different products before selecting a vendor or platform. At BIBase, we offer comprehensive and unbiased product and toolset reviews that will provide you the information you need. In addition, we also offer consulting and professional services as well to help you through the process.

Our business intelligence reviews are hands-on and include an in depth overview of the features and functionality. We include screen shots and full detailed commentary on the inner workings so that you can make the best decisions. In addition, we discuss each vendor’s product strengths and weaknesses. The history and background of the vendor is considered, as well as the overall fit in the product line if more than one tool is offered. In addition to the detailed report, we also offer an executive summary to sum up our findings. We are not paid or sponsored by any vendors and so each evaluation is completely neutral.

Here's some of our other benefits:

  • Free conference call with us to discuss your evaluation and answer any questions you may have about the guide or your business intelligence evaluation process
  • Free updates for a year. Don’t get burned by paying for a guide and missing out on a version upgrade in a month
  • The most comprehensive, up to date guides in the business. Don’t buy guides that are outdated and discuss old versions

The ratings are broken down by vendor and company, and then further by product line by companies with more than one product. We focus on the products with the largest market share. If there is a product evaluation that you don’t see offered, contact us and let us know!

Product List:

In addition to the individual vendor and product bi reviews, we also offer a overall business intelligence evaluation guide. This gives you an overview of the market as a whole, a thorough analysis of the different types of BI software, and the vendors. You’ll also get established best practices for the BI selection process and how to conduct a thorough evaluation.

We also offer dedicated BI consultants who can help your organization walk through and design a successful vendor selection, so you can make the best decision. Contact us for more information on those services.

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