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We’re putting together a bunch of business intelligence tutorials for your use. These aren’t intended to be full on training, but just enough to give you a quick overview of how some of the software works. For a full-on training, you can contact us here.

If you’re looking for some of the basics to BI, looking at the definition is a good starting point. Business intelligence scope can be wide and include reporting, dashboards, and data mining.

Datawarehousing is another area that we cover as part of our series. It’s important enough to consider as part of BI. Understanding the data structures is critical to getting the right deliverables for the implementation. Reviewing the concepts is a good first step.

ETL is something to consider as well, although we will be doing walkthroughs of those separately.

We’ve focused our efforts on the vendors with the biggest market share for the time being. If there is a technology you’d like us to cover let us know, and we’ll work to get some resources available.

Here’s a list of the software we’ll be covering:

MicroStrategy – We do a brief overview of reports, desktop, and the web.

SAP BusinessObjects – We’ll look at the main BobJ pieces as well as try to get a Crystal Reports

Oracle OBIEE – This focused more on the traditional BI, but we’ll also show some Essbase and Hyperion.

IBM Cognos – This includes Insight and Visual Insight

Microsoft BI – Emphasizing SSRS and SSAS pieces of their technology.

Qlikview – They also have a free tutorial on their website, although it can take a little long to get through.

Tableau – They also have some hands-on training on their website

Jaspersoft – They have some good setup videos on their website, located here.

Pentaho – Being open source, it can be a little tougher to find good training, although there are some good technical step throughs here.

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