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Business intelligence jobs are one of the fast growing segments of the information technology world. It’s a growing business and that translates into more positions available. Placement firms and recruiters are constantly telling me that they are having tough times filling slots for analysts, architects and consultants.

BI Resume

A good resume with several years of experience in BI technology is a big key for hiring. You can enter the industry from other roles such as databases, but it can be a little bit of a tougher road. To get some positions, having a good BI background may not be enough. Having some ETL, database and datawarehousing, and even coding experience can be a huge plus, if not a requirement. They are so tightly linked in the process that most implementations will have a component of data integration included with it, so it’s important to be knowledgeable.


Positions in a corporate environment will invariably be focused on the BI systems already in place. Companies that use predominantly Cognos, are looking to hire Cognos experienced staff. An Oracle shop will be looking to fill OBIEE jobs. These can be lucrative opportunities, especially if you have industry experience. Of course, in a corporate position, you won’t get the breadth of experience you would get in a consulting role.


In the past few years, many consulting practices have been created around the BI space. Some of the bigger consultancies, such as Deloitte, have enough of a client base to offer positions for BI experts that are trained in a variety of software, from SAP to Oracle. The technology used can vary from assignment to assignment, so there is a good amount of cross-training. Some roles may require some industry experience as well, for example retail.

Big data is a quickly growing subniche within BI. Having familiarity with Hadoop, Hive, and other tools of the trade there will definitely make you in demand.


Finally, the vendors themselves are often hiring for business intelligence jobs. These are great opportunities for getting focused experience in one technology. They offer top-notch training, obviously, and are growing. Microstrategy is hiring quite a few employees right now, for example. From a technology standpoint, Business Objects jobs are probably in the most demand, followed by Cognos. Microstrategy, although a smaller vendor, is also aggresively trying to get talent, both experienced BI specialists and new "rookies" to the industry.

The interview process is similar in most cases to many IT positions. But there are some nuances that should be considered. We have plenty of information on interviewing and the types of questions on our site.


As an offshoot of the overall market, employees who know coding and web development are in demand, especially for emerging technologies like big data and mobile.

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