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A business intelligence resume is just one step in landing a job in the exciting world of BI. You might have an outstanding skill set and experience, but without a first class CV, you might not get a first glance. It can be more difficult if you are trying to break into the industry without any direct experience.

You will definitely want to have a thorough review of your resume and cover letter before submitting it. While friends and family can offer some good feedback, a professional review can do wonders. We can help you stand out and get the interview.

Our resume services are based on over 11 years experience in the business intelligence and reporting industries. We have been on both sides of the desk, as hiring managers and as the job applicants. We know what BI recruiters are looking for, and what kind of resume gets the interview and the job offer. We will work one-on-one with you to provide the following:

• An elite business intelligence resume with an easy to update organizational style that is industry proven

• Keyword and phrase focused specifically to get attention from BI recruiters

• Turn standard employment history into business intelligence focused project work

• The ability to make revisions and get additional feedback

Our service is far superior to generic resume services, who don't know the industry and offer only general feedback. They are much slower and rarely offer revisions.

Here's how it works:

1. We'll contact you to provide us a copy of your resume

2. We’ll get you a revised version within 3 business days with edits and suggestions for both formatting and content

3. You’ll go into deeper detail providing more extensive experience and education detail

4. We’ll do a detailed polish of the wording and formatting on each line to get it perfect for presentation

5. You’ll have an additional 21 days for questions and advice as you submit your resume to recruiters and HR firms

So what's the total cost for all this?

Most generic services start at $200 and go up to $500 and higher. We are priced at a very reasonable $197.

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