Qlikview is a BI software product that has been gaining quite a bit of steam the last few years in the analytics world. They have some interesting innovations that are worth a look.

The parent company behind this product is Qliktech, but their names are really synonymous with each other at this point. They are a smaller independent provider, but they have been one of quickest acquirers of market share in the space recently. In 2010, they had a 45% growth in licensing, most out of any top 10 vendor except for Tableau, another visualization based BI company. Most of the gains have been in departmental and quick to production applications. The lower price and ease of installation have made this a popular choice.

The current version is 11, released in October 2011. This was just a year after version 10, so there is a fairly rapid development schedule being deployed at the moment. There are browser based and mobile deployable functionality. The product does not require a datawarehouse and has functionality for connectivity to a variety of data sources, including SAP.

Most of the hype and success with Qlikview has been around its in-memory technology and speed of implementation. It is often appealing to the end business user, as the technology is not as IT reliant as a traditional datawarehouse and client server model that is typical of most business intelligence applications. Like Tableau, its functionality is built around visualizations, mostly dashboards. Using its proprietary technology it can consume various data sources and allow the business users to built their own structures. Having data in memory certainly makes for quick performance and queries vs. accessing a database or other static file data structure.

There are a couple different versions of the product, namely the Server and Developer editions. There is also a free personal edition which allows for an individual to create dashboards.

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