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Qlikview training is available in a couple of different formats. We’ll take a look at the online free training mainly here but will be examining some of the classroom training available as well.

Free training is available online through their web site, in the form of online videos. Keep in mind that you’ll need to allow popups and IE is the preferred browser. I have seen issues with Google Chrome. In addition, the training should download the training files included but did not do that with my browser. You can download those from the Qlikcommunity forum if it doesn’t work. Here’s a look at the main modules:

How Does Qlikview Work? This is two modules, intended for basic users who may only be doing basic viewing in the documents. Module 1 is an overview of AccessPoint and queries, with associations. It definitely doesn’t get too technical. Module 2 is a review of the document and navigation options. Overall this might be enough for a quicker user to get started with documents, although slower users might still need more hand holding.

Build your first Qlikview document – A little bit more hands on with development. This four module look goes through requirements, ETL, design, and distribution. It’s a fairly simple 5 table model, so its not going to go over in-depth modeling and design, but should be enough for basic document starting, if you already have some Excel sheets or tables with clear formatting and linkages. It also doesn’t go into a lot of detail on the server side, since it seems to be intended for use by the free download users. This is about one hour or so.

System Management Overview – Goes through Qlikview Server information. Plan on about 20 minutes or so, and it reviews architecture, security, and a basic installation of Server. This really wouldn’t be greatly useful for a free user. The installation screens are pretty basic and are a little thin for a true administrator.

Toward the end of 2011, Qliktech began offering a certification program. Initially, it was only available to partners with the initial beta test. As of 2012 though, they are offering it through Pearson as a general option.

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