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Qlikview Server is the administration piece of a QV implementation. It’s the centralized document and licensing administration area as well. Its also used for sending and managing data on thin client devices, especially mobile.While you can use the standalone desktop version to create files, centralized document management and licensing can only really happen through the Server and really needs to be considered for any reasonable engagement. Theoretically, the Desktop application could be used to create and open files, but in a larger implementation the documents need to be administered in a controlled environment.

Besides the Desktop client, users can also use other methods of QV deployment. IE users can use an add-in, although that does require an installation so it can be an issue with tight browser security. A more common approach is to use AJAX. Qliktech emphasizes the use of AJAX compatibility and it does work nicely across browsers as no installation is needed. AccessPoint is the main tool included in the system, and is the web-based interface for viewing documents. If the QWS infrastructure isn't used, standard IIS server can be used. As of version 11, other web servers such as Tomcat is not supported directly. In addition, its important to note that Linux is not supported as an OS.

It can use existing Windows Active Directory Authentication to secure data and users have some customizable view settings to get quick access to important files. Other authentication providers can be used and its compatible with most 3rd party providers.

From the server, administrators can also manage licenses through the console. There is an interesting feature that allows for license CALs to be accessed and utilized as documents are accessed, which helps streamline the process.

The small business edition is a slightly streamlined version without a few of the full-featured products functionality. Authentication, for example, is limited to Windows only and total users are limited to 25. However, its much cheaper than the Enterprise plan.

The Enterprise Edition has full fledged capabilities and can be used in a larger environment that would require scaling and a larger user base.

A popular add on is the Publisher, which breaks out the document distribution piece and data load to a separate component program.

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