Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst is one of the few positions in IT that’s in demand. Many companies are looking to expand their BI implementations, and that means more headcount is needed in those areas. The positions can be tough to fill, as they require a mix of business and technical experience.

This role lies between the typical business analyst and more technical data architect, although many of the same skillsets are needed. They are a dedicated resource for the BI teams to bridge the gaps between the end users and the technical resources. They need to be able to take end user requirements and translate them to the technical teams. Industry experience can definitely be helpful here. In most companies, the analyst would report to either business or IT, so your experience level would swing to either more business focused or technical focused. In some instances, the analyst reports to both sides.

In smaller companies, a worker may have to wear this hat part time, working on BI a portion of the time while working on other software initiatives when not needed. These are usually simpler, reporting only type projects. In larger enterprises, this role usually is full-time due to the scope and visibility of business intelligence.

If you’re looking to move or apply for an analyst position, know that good experience is the best driver of opportunities in this field.

The pay can vary quite a bit depending on experience and the role and size of the company. You can usually see pay of $50000 on the low end of the spectrum, to up to the high $90K range for an experienced employee. Bigger companies with more extensive deployments will generally be able to pay more. Industry experience can be valuable as well, especially for highly regulated industries like defense or banking.

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