Microstrategy Tutorial

Here’s a MicroStrategy Tutorial that we’ve put together incorporating and showing basic functionality within the software. Click play on the video at the bottom to jump into it.

MSTR is a full-featured BI tool but it can be overwhelming to get a sense of the capabilities and functionality included. Feel free to contact us with additional questions or for help with evaluating BI software. Let us know if there’s anything we missed and we can create follow up videos. The software also ships with a built in demo datawarehouse and project, which can be a valuable tool for viewing some of the built-in abilities. Here are some of the things that are covered:

Desktop - This is the main administrative and metadata setup area. Report objects, user setup, and datawarehouse mapping is done here. Microstrategy uses a unified metadata model, which means that report objects are reusable for report creators and editors. More complex report building can also be constructed.

Using Microstrategy Web – This is the main tool used for most BI consumers and analysts, and allows for browser based reporting and dashboarding. We’ll show you how to view reports, change common options and preferences, and manipulate the data to customize your view. We’ll also show you how to create a new report.

Creating Dashboards– Creating dashboards within Microstrategy can be done using existing reports. The design view uses drag and drop functionality onto pre-existing templates to make creating basic dashboards. We’ll also look at some of the more common visualization types, including scorecards and documents.

Microstrategy Office – This is a separate but popular additional component, which is the add-in for the Microsoft Office suite that allows direct connectivity to report projects from within Excel and Powerpoint. Data can be imported right into existing analyses or slide decks, which is handy for those monthly presentations.

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