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The list of business intelligence companies is constantly in flux. With a lot of the consolidation happening in the middle of the last decade, many old names left. With the rise of cloud business intelligence, mobile, big data, and other trends, new competitors have come out of the woodwork to provide new services and technology. Here’s we’ll attempt to list out the current list of providers and group them. If we’re missing a name here, definitely let us know.

Big Stack

Firms with BI, database and ETL processes as an all-in-one offering.

Oracle – With the acquisition of Hyperion, Siebel, and TimesTen, they became a true fullstack player with their already existing database platform

IBM – Getting Cognos and SPSS deepened their analytics practice significantly, and adding Netezza to their database stable

SAP – The BusinessObjects purchase made them the market leader, and they have pushed this technology in with the rest of the BW and ERP stacks.

Microsoft – The SQL server database is the basis for their offering. Analysis Services and Reporting Services are the main reporting tools and SSIS on the ETL end.


SAS – A privately owned firm, but has a full BI product with an emphasis on statistics and analysis

Microstrategy – In business since the late 1980s, they have a complete system with reporting, dashboards and mobile.

Visualization Centered

Some may argue that these are more than visualization tools, but they are the main strengths here.

Qliktech - Makers of Qlikview

Tableau - Have grown very quickly as a result of some of their dashboard software.

iDashboards - The name says it all

Mobile BI

RoamBI – Has proven to be very popular in the Apple ecosystem on both iPad and iPhone

PushBI -


Open Source

You can read more about open source here, but here is a quick list:

Jaspersoft – Calls itself the most used open source BI solution

Pentaho – Another very popular choice


Providers that have platforms hosted primarily virtually, or in the cloud:

GoodData - One of the leaders here.

1010Data - A Big Data centered provider

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