GoodData is a new entrant into the BI world that is taking advantage of the push to cloud based IT environments. It is called BI as a platform rather than the standard SaaS and has some interesting additions to the space.

Traditional business intelligence usually relies on a centralized server, web portals, and other heavy IT infrastructure. Their platform is cloud based, but offers all of the core functionality found in a typical implementation. They have dashboards, analytics, and data warehouse abilities all built into the same structure. The also have mobile ability with iOS and Android. Already, they have gotten a nice list of initial clients including Capgemini, Time Warner Cable, and Groupon.

Pricing and platform sizing is based on number of users, amount of data, frequency of updates, and the source of the data. Data can be kept on site and refreshed through the Gooddata system, or everything can be housed in the cloud virtually. They can also work with ETL tools like Talend and Informatica. They provide scale through some innovative technologies, like the use of event stores and data marts. This allows for quick ad-hoc reporting and analysis, as its not tied to constrained infrastructure or bandwidth.

One other differentiator is the inclusion of apps. Although it seems to be taking advantage of some of the iCraze that has been happening lately, it is a quick implementation to connect to some common CRM and other platforms. They aren’t apps in the iPhone or iPad sense, but built in dashboard and reporting functionality that runs over existing data in an external system. There are already apps for Salesforce, SugarCRM, Facebook, and Google analytics. In addition, they offer an API for further development and they can build custom apps as well. They also promise extensive frequency of updates, as close as two weeks apart. These happen automatically within the cloud environment.

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