iDashboards are one of the leading vendors of , obviously, dashboard software. Although they are limited to visualizations they are a rapidly growing niche operation.

While they are based in the US, they have made many successful expansions into the global marketplace, including Asia and Africa. They have a pretty impressive client list. Pricing is done at the edition level, and customers can choose per user or per CPU licensing, which is pretty well in-line with other industry methods.

Software is offered via various platforms. The base package is called the Enterprise Edition, which includes basic dashboards and reporting abilities. The X Platform adds on additional alerting and analytics. The Mobile platform is Apple mobile focused ,for iPads and iPhones. In Cloud is their hosting solution for dashboards. Although they’ve expanded their offerings, they are definitely not as robust as the IBM or Oracle offerings. Their current version is 7.5, released at the tail end of 2011.

Two areas in particular where they have been somewhat more cutting-edge is in mobile and in SaaS, or cloud infrastructure. Their mobile offerings are heavily focused on the iPad and iPhone for the moment. This is an add-on to the other pricing platforms, which have a limited mobile component but don’t include full Apple app integration.

The push into cloud or virtual environments is part of their Cloud package. They are definitely trying to take advantage of the growing SaaS environment. Although it remains to be seen how many customers want critical enterprise data sitting on third party servers, it definitely gives other options to smaller customers without dedicated BI resources.

From a consulting standpoint, it’s really limited to the training opportunities that are offered. Other 3rd party vendors do offer consulting services geared for more industry specific usage.

iDashboards are worth a look for a visualization only solution for scorecards, charts, or graphs. The Cloud and Mobile pieces in particular are worth investigating as cheaper initial forays into those technologies.

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