RoamBI is a new entry into the mobile business intelligence space, and a little unique in that it is not a traditional BI product, but more of a platform to offer mobile abilities. It will work with most data sources and is a good tool to consider for an overall business intelligence implementation.

They have found a nice niche in providing a quick way to mobilize BI solutions without pushing through BI vendor solutions. Their technology is more of a delivery vehicle, designed to sit on top of existing reporting and BI systems and deliver data to devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods. For now, it looks like they are focusing on Apple products, without a definite Android option. Interestingly, SAS business intelligence has a partnership with them to be the mobile component of their integrated system. They do offer a Blackberry option through Roambi ES for SAS, but apparently not with other vendors at the moment.

Here is an screen shot of a quick visualization on the iPad:

And then here's one on the iPhone/iPod:

The fact that it is vendor agnostic is a big selling point, working with Cognos, OBIEE, Microsoft, and other data sets. You can theoretically use most types of common spreadsheets and databases as well. Recently, they have expanded out to include connectivity to SalesForce.

Their two main products are Analytics and Flow. Analytics would be more of the BI based toolset, allowing for mobile reports, graphs, and grids. Flow is more of a mobile app, that can combine different content in a way they call a “digital magazine”. A newer product is called Present. This is less of a business intelligence focused project, and is more of a way to create interactive presentation on the iPad, using existing Powerpoint and Keynote files.

Their products are licensed by user, with a Small Business version and ES4, the corporate or enterprise version. They also have a free version called Lite, which provides Analytics capability but only to one user, so you can’t share the results. The end user apps from the App Store are free as well.

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