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Microstrategy training can come in several different flavors, depending on your budget and need for education.

Microstrategy training can come in several different flavors, depending on your budget and need for education.

Online education – MSTR has their online free education available for all users through their website. While it is free, its not what I would call comprehensive. They really serve to just give a brief overview of the applications.

Classroom training – These come in a couple of different flavors. The Intro to BI class and its offshoot, the Intro to Mobile class, are designed to give unseasoned users a view of the software, along with a good dose of marketing since they are usually aimed at new or potential customers. It certainly does show off the overall functionality and has a good amount of hands-on work, but its limited to a day session and usually you won’t have access to the environment afterwards. Still, it’s a good high level overview for BI newbies.

Classroom training delivered by MSTR Education is the deep, book exercise based training meant to get deep knowledge of the software. These can be onsite at education centers, or on location at your organization. They also offer occasional remote learning sessions. These classes will give users the best education and is geared toward getting the certification, so it will be detailed and lengthy to get through the whole program. For full certification, expect about 6 weeks! That said, not all people will need this training to be able to use the software, it will obviously depend on role.

Self study - Outside of classrooms and the internet web based courses, a good way to get familiar with the the application is to work through the Microstrategy Tutorial that can be installed with the software. While the book exercises are good, the Tutorial Project has many other built in examples of different functionality. There are good models of types of reports, and examples that show the platform capabilities as well as different types of modeling and report requirements. If you are someone who learns well by digging into functioning systems to see how they are put together, this is a good area to investigate.

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