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A Microstrategy certification is an interesting credential from a BI standpoint. If you are looking to work full-time for a company that is heavy with MSTR, or do consulting with the product, it’s a must.

Like IBM, Cognos, SAP, and other megavendors, the Microstrategy training and education center offers a tested certification. They have different course loads that are offered around different aspects of the software.

The Microstrategy Certified Developer program is a good first option. In my opinion, passing this would cover 90% of most MSTR tasks, although for chief architects or consultants, additional study should be considered. Its broken out into three subexams, and then a project test.

The certified project designer exam covers basic project creation, reports, and basic admin. The report developer exam covers advanced reports, and the document developer exam covers documents, dashboard, and recently added mobile. However, you need to pass the project in order to be certified MCD.

The unique part about the Microstrategy training is the project test. This takes place in a training room with a centralized database that is the test datawarehouse. You are then given a project packet and work through the exercises. This is a graded evente geared around the basics of the product. It involves installation, schema development, report creation, dashboard work and general admin principles. It takes place over three days and can be demanding, especially if you have not had exposure to the product before. While you’ll get some guidance as far as the schema requirements and report requirements, it will involve a few tricks to get everything to tie out. You’ll need a 75 or higher to pass, which will give you a certified project designer certification. This is a culimination of three weeks of standardized education, but you can complete this portion of the Microstrategy certification quicker if you work on a self-study basis.

The Microstrategy Certified Engineer are additional add-on courses, geared around more advanced administration and security. This would be a good option for the IT support team.

The Certified Engineering Principal is a choice for a lead architect or consultant who needs to understand deeper issues with datawarehousing and data. It also looks into advanced options for SQL generation and customization. Most day to day report developers probably won’t use this.

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