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Hyperion jobs are a strong growing segment of the Oracle workforce, and of BI and performance management in general. Its definitely a nichier subset of those industries though. Here are some thoughts on the current state

This technology requires a little bit of a different skillset than a typical straight business intelligence role. Since these products are typically marketing more to the finance group, a certain level of accounting and finance know-how is usually a good prerequisite. Work with accounting statements is usually included, so basic knowledge of income, balance sheet, and cash flow principles are good to know. Planning and budgeting often uses some intricate Excel and financial modeling as a baseline for calculations, so knowledge in those areas are good. Sometimes this level of knowledge isn’t needed as much at an administrator level, which is more focused on product performance tuning.

Although it is a separate product, many companies implement an Essbase installation along with Hyperion as a source for the data cubes. Understanding multidimensional models and OLAP principles is important then. This is a little bit of a different concept than a standard ROLAP data warehouse. The technology of in-memory vs. on-disk can be tricky to master with Essbase.

In addition to the above experience, the line has several different products related to data quality, data relationship, and other functions. Oftentimes roles will require specific experience in these modules as well. Data quality management is a little different beast compared to straight BI. Along with these pieces include some basic ETL work or experience as a nice bonus to have on your resume.

With all of these requirements, its not surprising that Hyperion jobs can be tough for recruiters to fill. The specific product knowledge, mixed with the financial experience, makes this a tough combination to find out in the workplace.

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