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LogiXML is one of the smaller independent BI vendors, but has enough of a following and feature set to warrant some discussion. They are a US based company and have been in business since 2000 so they have a few years of experience in the industry. They also have a pretty solid embedded and OEM practice as well.

While their pricing might lend itself to more of a small or mid-sized implementation, they do have some larger sized companies on their customer list, including Bank of America, SONY, Johnson & Johnson, and HP. Its rare that it is a main BI product at these larger customers though.

The XML in the name originally came from the first set of products, which were XML based. The company has continued to rely on the technology going forward as a key component. This has advantages and drawbacks. It makes for a minimal install base and a very web centric deployment, and the technology is quite flexible in terms of working with reports and their directories. One of the major drawbacks is the fact that the reporting structure then tends to become very folder heavy. It also makes for a less interactive interface that may use wizards or other helpful tools. Its fine if the user has already had some report development experience in other tools, but a BI newbie may be a little overwhelmed.

The product is divided into two main components: Logi Info, and Logi Ad-Hoc. Info is used for more mainstream production reports, dashboards, and visualizations, while Ad-Hoc is, as the name suggests, the ad-hoc tool for on the spot analysis. Within the Info product is a Mobile tool as well.

Interestingly, LogiXML also offers a free reporting tool called Logi Report. It offers a full developer set and report creation for unlimited users and sites. This is basic reporting only, so no dashboards, OLAP analysis, or automated report distribution. Still for a smaller outfit or department looking for a bare bones implementation, its worth looking into.

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