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TIBCO Spotfire is a smaller vendor in the BI space and has some interesting niche toolsets that they bring to the table. They have a strong emphasis on predictive analytics and statistics.

Spotfire was acquired by TIBCO in 2007 right when the BI consolidation craze was going on. They are still a relatively small company, but they do have a pretty strong customer lineup including P&G. They are particularly strong in the life sciences, consumer, and pharma industries. The parent company has an array of products including cloud software management and SOA tools. This has enabled them to offer virtual servers and cloud infrastructure for their BI products. While heavy on analysis and mining, they have dashboards and other visualizations, as well as a mobile product for iPad. Spotfire 4.0 is the newest release, which was pushed out at the end of 2011. Underneath that version number is a number of different products.

Professional – This is the main BI and analytics tool for a standard query and analytics workload. Its based on a server backend.

S+ - This is not the same as R, the open source data mining tool, but has some similar functionality. It’s a proprietary format so it does require specific coding skillsets outside of standard R development. The current version is 8.2.

Silver – The cloud based version of Professional that is licensed by the seat. They do offer a free license for a one year trial, with some data size limitations.

Web Player – The web based extension of the Professional tool.Miner – A dedicated data mining tool.

As mentioned, their products are very popular in the genetics and life sciences areas, and even offers analytics and statistical packages with templates specifically geared to this work. The S+ and Miner tools are very robust for this kind of analysis.

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