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Vitria is one of the leaders in the newer subfield of operational intelligence, which we consider to be kind of an offshoot of BI. They have a strong client base, especially in financial services, government, and the healthcare industries. Their partner network also has several big time names, including Deloitte and Cognizant.

They are definitely a different type of company than your standard SAP, Microstrategy, Cognos, etc… Their flagship product is called M30 and is the basis for their platform. Real-time data and reporting is the name of their game, and they market themselves heavily as being able to take in and handle quite a few different types of data types. XML and even social media are fair game for the system, and it can integrate this in with standard historical enterprise data warehouse data easily. Here's a screenshot:

This type of system looks like a good bet for departments and businesses that rely on real-time monitoring for sales or operations. An example they give is a utility company repair system being able to get reports and deploy to customer sites quickly. A more common use case was a trading firm needing to get near real-time trade reporting and reconciliation data. A sexier use case might be to use it as a real-time social monitoring platform, to track responses to a new PR release or news story. It would definitely be interesting from a marketing perspective.

Their technology is somewhat unique in that its based on XML data processing, not traditional SQL from a warehouse. It takes data feeds from various systems as XML and is able to continuously calculate and update its dashboards from its analytics engine. Using XML as a base language makes it easy to incorporate into existing web portals and infrastructures. I’ll have to admit, its pretty interesting to see dashboards update in real-time if you are used to static dashboards that only update with the nightly ETL processes.

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