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SAS Business Intelligence is one of the bigger software packages from the company. SAS is more well-known for their data, analytics, and statistics packages but continues to have a decent market share of the BI space as well. It, with Microstrategy, is one of the two remaining big independent vendors after the consolidation of the last several years. It’s also the largest privately owned company in the space.

SAS has been in the stats and software game since 1976, and as such is one of the oldest players. Its statistical packages have been renowned, but in recent years it has put further emphasis on its business intelligence packages and pushed for integration there.

Coming from a heavy statistics and programming background, SAS BI is heavy on the analytics. In fact they are the market share leader in that category. A very large majority of the Fortune 100 use their systems for statistical analyzes. Like most other vendors, they have most of their BI offerings in a component, modular type system. They have consolidated this somewhat, and the main marketed pieces are the Enterprise Business Intelligence, for traditional reports and BI, and Business Visualization, for dashboards and other visual keynotes.SAS BI has a full lineup of reports, query tools, OLAP, and recently, mobile and thus are considered a full- BI stack vendor. Interestingly, for their mobile product, they have recently partnered with RoamBI to provide the functionality there. Currently they are at version 9.3 for their core server product, which was recently released in July 2011. As a private company most growth has been organic and not through acquisitions.

They also have some interesting additional functionality such as application development and of course, the tight integration with analytics. The Business Visualization tool may also be seen called Visual BI and is a relatively new offering . This definitely looks to capitalize on some of the trendiness around this topic.

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