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Business intelligence market share is one of the more hotly debated areas of the industry. Many companies like to make bragging rights around being #1, so its a big deal once the full reports come out. We'll take a look at the 2011 and 2010.

Most of the time this statistic is put into revenue terms, rather than licenses. It would be interesting to see the total potential reach based on footprint or actual usage, although admittedly this would be tougher to see. Some of this revenue may not be pure BI market share either. SAS, for instance, will probably have some of that revenue coming from licenses for statistics and analytics centered packages. Microsoft BI is often included as part of its flagship SQL product, and therefore may not actually be implemented, but is included in licenses. In addition, open source packages would not have revenue, as a free option, but certainly have a market share, especially in small to mid-sized businesses and tech shops.

2011 numbers have just been released, as of April 2012. SAP is still the leader, with almost 24% of the industry. The rest of the vendors go Oracle, SAS, Cognos, and Microsoft fill out the rest of the leaders in revenue.

SAP had a nearly 20% increase in revenue, due in part to some new products. Its BusinessObjects line continues to soldier on, and it has further integrated it with the rest of its analytics and back-end infrastructure.

The biggest jumps in revenue came from the smaller BI vendors, most notably Qliktech and Tableau. Qlikview has been rapidly gaining customers looking for departmental , quick implementations of its in-memory solution. Tableau, in a similar way, has been gaining some of the internal BI pioneers but more so on the data visualization side. While the industry is consolidating at the top the trend is for some of these specialty players to build share by focusing on one aspect of BI. It’s a trend where companies may not necessarily use one exclusive tool for business intelligence, but several depending on the task and area.

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