Top 5 Business Intelligence Trends

Keeping up with business intelligence trends can seem like it’s tough to do. The technology and the competitive landscape changes very quickly. Here are 5 big trends for 2012 in BI:


Many vendors are pushing out functionality on tablets, iPhones, and iPads. They have become more and more common in the corporate environment, and users, especially executives, are demanding to see BI data at their fingertips, not just at a computer. Native mobile applications will continue to gain traction as more organizations and IT departments embrace it.


The idea of software as a service has gotten into the mainstream IT offices. The expenses and resources needed to deploy a large scale business intelligence solution are huge. Leveraging a virtual environment lets companies focus on their core competencies rather than IT infrastructure. A big question will continue to revolve around data ownership and security.

Big Data

Big Data is definitely a movement to watch. Companies have become better and better at acquiring massive amounts of data, through their data warehouse. Sorting through and analyzing this immense data repository takes power and resources. Many organizations are realizing that Excel just won’t cut it and need beefier tools to consolidate and digest huge volumes.

Social Media

One of the big pushes for companies, especially from their marketing departments, is into social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other technologies are becoming increasingly important for customer communication. How can companies and industries track this activity and act on it? Things move very fast in this atmosphere and organizations need to be able to react. Social business intelligence will be a driver.

Agile BI

This trend is a toward quicker and leaner BI deployments, at least initially. Many newer products, such as Qlikview, are gaining traction because they can be used with lesser enterprise IT involvement. Companies will want faster time to ROI, and that means departmental and line of business rollouts that can scale up, rather than big implementations with datawarehouses that can take months or years to get going.

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