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Inetsoft is one of the smaller vendors for BI, but they have a huge client list, over 3000 according to them. They’ve been around since 1996 so they have quite a bit of experience to bring to the table.

Following the lines of Qlikview and Tableau software, Inetsoft is looking to push itself as a quick implementation BI provider. From a technology standpoint, they offer some interesting methodologies. They focus heavily on the fact that their products are Java based. This allows for easy integration into other applications and OEM installations. Another main differentiator is the JDBC native connection ability, although this isn't as widely used as ODBC. These also have built in connections as well as to Salesforce, Siebel, and other enterprise data systems.

Style Report is the main reporting tool that has been available since the company’s start. Now, though, they are going to more marketing of the full suite route, calling it Style Intelligence. I definitely give them kudos on the name! This includes Report and Style Scope, the visualization tool. Scope also has an interesting mashup tool along with standard dashboards. Version 11.1 is the latest, and includes support for mobile. From this standpoint, they were one of the first vendors to embrace HTML5, the preferred protocol for Flash incompatible Apple devices.

Along with some of the other providers, there is a free dashboard and visualization tool package available. Unlike Tableau’s free web based tool, this is a server based download that gives the Style Scope basic functionality. Its definitely good for an evaluation purpose, however mashups, multiple data source, and certain data sources can’t be used. Along with this downloadable version, Visualize Free offers similar functionality to Tableau, where data can be uploaded to a webbased tool. The resulting visualizations can be shared via URL, but not downloaded. Lastly, the Style Chart is an embeddable chart tool, geared less toward traditional BI, but more toward web developers. Still, its worth a look.

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